Endowment Fund

An alternate form of organization for smaller assets is the establishment of an endowment fund under the management of a trustee. This allows you to permanently support a specific charitable cause. The founder generally specifies the establishment of the endowment fund in a trust deed and transfers the assets to the trustee (for example, the University of Mannheim Foundation), who manages them separately from his/her other assets as a fund for special purposes. All earnings from this fund then go to the endowment fund under the name designated by the founder. The endowment fund is not a taxable entity and therefore not able to issue tax-effective donation receipts. This can only be done by the trustee as a tax-exempt non-profit entity. It can be an alternative to the establishment of a foundation. You still have the opportunity to put your name to the endowment fund and secure it in perpetuity. If this is an option for you, feel free to talk to us.

Bank Details of the Foundation

BNP Paribas Deutsche Bank
IBAN: DE25 7603 0080 0300 0153 17 IBAN: DE41 6707 0010 0820 0198 00


Sabrina Scherbarth

Sabrina Scherbarth

Honorary Managing Director
Foundation Management and Consulting (EBS)
University of Mannheim
University of Mannheim Foundation
Schloss Ostflügel – Room SO 005
68161 Mannheim
Phone: +49 621 181-1223
Fax: +49 621 181-1148
E-mail: scherbarth stiftung-uni-mannheim.de