The Future Needs the Brightest Minds

In addition to highly motivated students, a university must offer an inspiring environment with excellent colleagues in particular, in order to attract outstanding researchers. In order for the University of Mannheim to maintain its high reputation and to continue attracting the best international students and academics to Mannheim, the University of Mannheim Foundation supports specific programs.

Feel free to contact us, if you would like to get involved in one of the programs – we’re happy to advise you.

  • GESS – Graduate School of Economic and Social Sciences

    Over 1,000 students apply for the doctoral programs at the GESS each year to complete a doctorate in Business Administration, Economics, Political Science, Sociology and Psychology. Since 2007, the number of applicants has increased sixfold, but only the best are selected from the many applications the GESS receives – approx. 55 doctoral students per year. Doctoral students of the GESS complete a theoretically and methodologically challenging and interdisciplinary program. They receive financial support, a computer, a workplace as well as individual supervision for their dissertation project. This allows them to fully focus on their doctoral dissertation.

    GESS website

    In order to maintain the high quality of our doctoral program after the state funding for excellence, which is intended as start-up funding, we are looking for funding organizations to support our early-stage researchers. Funding a GESS doctoral student costs 20,000 euros per year – however, funding for two years is preferable.

The financial security provided by the GESS allows me to fully focus on my doctoral dissertation.

Dam Thi Anh – doctoral student at the GESS / Credit: Jula Jacob