A group of doctoral students are standing outside of B6,30-32 and are talking.

Job Placement for CDSE Students

At the end of the fourth year, students are expected to prepare for going on the academic or non-academic job market. For all students entering the job market phase of the program there will be extensive coaching and support, e.g. a presentation skills workshop, mock interviews with faculty members and the opportunity to schedule a job talk in either one of the department's field seminars or the internal seminar.

The activities during the job market phase of the program take place under the guidance of the department's placement officer, Prof. Dr. Michelle Sovinsky. Furthermore, all faculty in Mannheim will do their best to support students on the job market.

Timeline for job market candidates

By September, i.e. at the beginning of the fifth year, any student intending to go on the job market should have at least one finished paper which he/ she considers his/ her prime piece of work, the 'job market paper'. In addition, students need to set up their personal webpage by October which can then be linked to their profile on the CDSE's placement website which directs interested parties to students on the market.

International academic job market

Apart from job offers for various positions in academia, at national and international organisations and in the private sector throughout the year, students wishing to continue in academia after their doctorate are advised to participate in the international academic job market. The international market takes place every January at the ASSA meeting in the US. European alternatives of growing relevance take place in Spain (December) and in the UK (London, January). Successful applicants for any of these meetings will be interviewed by interested universities. If the interviews were successful, students will be invited to present their work at the respective departments ('fly-outs').

Since the international job market meetings take place in December/ January, students must have their job market package (job market paper, one more completed paper, one paper in progress) ready by November.