A group of doctoral students are talking in the courtyard of B6,30-32.

The Faculty of the School of Social Sciences

About 40 professors and 120 academic staff members teach and conduct research at the three departments of the School of Social Sciences. It profits from a well established partner university and research institution network throughout the world. In addition, they closely collaborate with research centers as well as research partners located in Mannheim.


A student is pointing and reading a political science book on their lap.
Political Science

Professors at the Department of Political Science

A person is wearing a clothing to measure mind waves and is looking at a computer screen with a face on it.

Professors at the Department of Psychology

A group of students are talking in the entrance hall of B6, 30-32.

Professors at the Department of Sociology

Research centers


Mannheim Center for European Social Research (MZES) is an interdisciplinary institute of the University of Mannheim and the largest university-based research institute in the German social sciences.


Otto-Selz-Institute for Applied Psychology (OSI) conducts interdisciplinary research in collaboration with other research institutes as well as public health organisations.

SFB 884

Collaborative research center on 'The Political Economy of Reforms' (SFB 884) investigates success and failure of policy reforms by analyzing competing interests, contexts and the political process of reform-making.

Research partners


Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences (GESIS) is part of the Leibniz Association. As the largest European infrastructure institute for the social sciences GESIS provides essential and internationally relevant research-based services for the social sciences.


Central Institute for Mental Health (ZI) is a major independent center for the treatment of, education about and research on mental illnesses.


Leibniz Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) is a non-profit and independent institute and part of the Leibniz Association. ZEW is one of Germany's leading economic research institutes, and enjoys a strong reputation throughout Europe.