Two men are sitting on a bank in the green courtyard of the B6 building and are looking with a smile at a laptop screen.

The CDSB Doctoral Student Awards

Each year, the Center for Doctoral Studies in Business honors its doctoral students through the CDSB Doctoral Student Awards. The awards draw attention to outstanding doctoral student achievements in areas such as research, academic performance, publications, and teaching engagements.

Best Paper Award

To honor an outstanding paper that was accepted or has received an invitation for a resubmission in a peer reviewed journal.

The 2023 winners are

  • Maximilian Beichert for his paper 'Revenue Generation through Influencer Marketing'
  • Claudia Rossetti and Himani Singh for their paper 'One Foot Out, One Foot In: The Interplay between Job Insecurity and Multiple Jobholding'

Award for Interdisciplinarity

To recognize outstanding performances and innovative projects of doctoral students in business that foster interdisciplinarity.

The 2023 winner is

Yanghua Shi for her co-authored paper 'Connections over Competence: The Impact of Political Ties on Sell-Side Research Quality'

Teaching Award

To honor the contributions of CDSB doctoral students to teaching and learning at the Business School and acknowledge the substantial contributions doctoral students make towards it.

The 2023 winner is

Maximilian Beichert for his course 'Digital Strategy' held at the University of Mannheim within the ENGAGE.EU Joint Programme in Digital Transformation in the academic year 2022/2023