Doctoral Studies at the University of Mannheim

5 reasons for pursuing a doctorate at the University of Mannheim:

Excellence in academics

The University of Mannheim is one of the leading higher education institutions in Germany. This is illustrated by the university' s top placements in national and international university rankings. The Social Sciences and Economics, in particular, regularly achieve top positions. This success is also due to the university' s close cooperation with numerous renowned research institutions in Germany and around the world.

First-class education in structured doctoral programs

Formerly funded by the Excellence Initiative, the Graduate School of Economic and Social Sciences (GESS) offers its doctoral students an English-language program with continuous funding. In addition, pursuing a doctorate with GESS includes research stays at internationally recognized universities and assistance in starting a career in academia.

Research that benefits society

A practical orientation and the transfer of knowledge to society are major goals of the University of Mannheim. This gives doctoral students the opportunity to conduct applied research and enables them not only to contribute to promoting science but also to benefiting society.

Powerful doctoral students' councils

The University of Mannheim attaches great importance to involving the doctoral students' councils in the university’s decision-making processes. The representatives of the councils therefore communicate the interests of the doctoral students in all important committees and are also in close exchange with the President's Office and the Central University Administration.

Living in Mannheim

Those who like an international and vibrant atmosphere will feel right at home in Mannheim. The city combines tradition and modernity in a unique way and offers a rich cultural and leisure life. Inhabitants from more than 150 nations, a baroque palace as its campus and Germany's first night mayor – Mannheim is special in every respect.

Please note:

Which path to a doctorate is suitable for you – an individual doctorate at a chair or a doctorate within a structured doctoral program – largely depends on your field of study and the preference of the respective chair or your supervisor: At the University of Mannheim, it is possible to pursue a doctorate in a structured doctoral program in Economics, Business Administration, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, and Mathematics in Business and Economics. In addition, all schools and departments – with the exception of the Department of Economics – generally also offer the possibility of pursuing an individual doctorate directly at a chair. If you are interested in pursuing a doctorate at the University of Mannheim and already have a professor in mind as your supervisor, we strongly recommend that you establish contact at an early stage and find out about the possible paths to a doctorate offered at the respective chair.

Pursuing a doctorate

Doctorate at a Chair

The “traditional” doctorate at a chair is recommended for all those who wish to have as much freedom and independence as possible. We have compiled the most important information on this way of pursuing a doctorate for you.

Stuctured Doctoral Programs

Doctoral programs provide structured academic training with fixed periods of study, team supervision, and secure funding – perfect for all those who value clear structures and security.