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Getting Help

At the GESS we celebrate the diverse backgrounds and experiences of our doctoral students and believe these are key to making the most of human potential in all of its facets. In accordance with the 'Code of Conduct of the University of Mannheim', the GESS does not tolerate behavior that violates another person’s dignity and integrity. Moreover, compatibility of family life and professional life is a key topic. Doctoral students and staff are entitled to use parent-child-offices, and students with children benefit from discounts at the ‘Kinderhaus’ provided by the Studierendenwerk Mannheim.

Gender and Diversity Committee

Our Gender and Diversity Committee monitors and assesses the Graduate School's performance and efforts in this field to ensure that the GESS remains sensitive to matters relating to gender and diversity. The committee operates as a first point of contact for doctoral students seeking advice and support in issues related to their work and studies. Its members offer assistance and information on topics such as discrimination, parental leave, child care services and more.

In case of questions or problems, committee members can be contacted either directly through their personal email address or via the following email address:

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Studying with a disability

The commissioner and counselor for students with disabilities or chronic illnesses can advise and support you with any problems you might face during your studies due to a disability or chronic illness.

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Students with children

Reconciling your studies and family life can be challenging. The University of Mannheim offers services to support you in this situation: child care services on campus, special examination regulations for student parents, and a Parent and Child Room.

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Physical and Mental Health Support

For students seeking help or information on physical and mental well-being, the University of Mannheim has a comprehensive list of support services that students can consult for help and guidance.
Follow the link below for more information and resources.

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At times we all need someone to turn to for advice, e.g. in case of difficult situations among colleagues or in the event of conflicts with fellow students. The various counseling services at the university will be happy to offer you advice and support.