A group of doctoral students are talking in the courtyard of B6,30-32.


The CDSS Doctoral Program in Psychology offers courses in topical areas of research and advanced methods. The latter provide students with the tools for rigorous and thorough theoretical and empirical analysis, such as experimental design, multivariate and longitudinal analysis, methods of evaluation and assessment as well as modelling of psychic processes.

CDSS course catalog

Research at the Department of Psychology

At the Department of Psychology, research prioritizes a quantitative and, especially, an experimental approach, which both the basic research and the applied research focus on.

Basic Research:

    • Experimental Psychology
    • Cognition and Individual Difference
    • Research Methods and Psychological Assessment 

    Applied Research:

    • Work and Organizational Psychology
    • Consumer and Economic Psychology
    • Health Psychology
    • Psychology of Education
    • Educational Psychology
    • Clinical Psychology, Biological Psychology and Psychotherapy

    Empirical-analytical research with a quantitative focus, methodological diversity as well as interdisciplinarity are the linchpins of research conducted within the department and the School of Social Sciences. Furthermore the School of Social Sciences closely collaborates with the Otto Selz Institute and the Central Institute of Mental Health (ZI).

    The CDSS works closely with the Research Training Group 'Statistical Modeling in Psychology' (SMiP). SMiP is a transregional collaboration of twelve renowned behavioral researchers from five German universities and aims to overcome a persistent and growing challenge in behavioral research, namely, the gap between substantive research in basic and applied fields of psychology and latest developments in statistical modeling and psychometrics.