One World Cognitive Psychology Seminar

In reaction to the ongoing corona containment measures and the resulting cancellations of on-campus meetings, the SMiP PIs Arndt Bröder, Edgar Erdfelder, and Beatrice Kuhlmann (together with Meike Kroneisen) organized the One World Cognitive Psychology Seminar – a weekly online seminar in Zoom featuring a presentation by a stellar cognitive psychologist followed by discussion open to anyone around the world. The seminar time is Tuesdays 17:15 – 18:45 Central European Summer Time (CEST). Please visit this website for further information:

On May, 5, Jeffrey Rouder will present a talk titled “ANOVA Lies…Sort Of”, and

on May, 19, Jeffrey Starns will give his talk “Using response time (RT) data to distinguish high and low thresholds in recognition memory”.

The two of them will also give remote workshops in the current spring summer semester at the Research Training Group SMiP (see our qualification program for further information).