Dr. Luisa Horsten

Dr. Luisa Horsten

SMiP Cohort 2018

  • Current Occupation


    University of Heidelberg, Research Centre for Environmental Economics

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  • (Research) Interests

    • Pro-environmental behavioral
      • Decision conflict between cooperation and pro-environmental behavior
      • Personality variables related to prosocial and pro-environmental behavior
    • Personality and individual differences
      • Models of personality structure
      • Dark factor of personality
  • PhD Project

    Thesis Topic: Manoeuvering through the jangle jungle. What is the common core of aversive personality traits (not)?

    SMiP Dissertation Committee: Benjamin Hilbig, Tanja Lischetzke, Edgar Erdfelder

    Degree: Dr. phil., received from the RPTU Kaiserslautern-Landau in May 2023