Prof. Dr. Andreas Voss

Prof. Dr. Andreas Voss

University of Heidelberg
Institute for Psychology
Chair of Quantitative Research Methods
Hauptstraße 47–51 – Room F027
69117 Heidelberg
  • Research Areas

    • Cognitive Modeling
    • Experimental Methods
    • Decision Making
  • Teaching (SMIP)

    Foundations II: „Stochastic Models of Time-Dependent Cognitive Mechanisms“ (together with R. Ulrich)

  • Possible thesis topics

    Ph.D. students are very welcome to devise their own thesis topic. However, some possible thesis topics are listed here:

    1. Cognitive processes underlying affective co­unter-regulation (Advisors: Voss, Kiesel).
    2. Extending diffusion model analyses to more complex decision making (Advisors: Voss, Klauer).
    3. The structure of cognitive speed (Advisors: Voss, Meiser).
    4. Modeling information uptake in an advice seeking paradigm (Advisors: Hütter, Voss).
    5. Parameter estimation and model testing of time-varying diffusion processes in cognitive conflict tasks (Advisors: Ulrich, Voss).
    6. Analysis of dynamic attentional processes in decision making and memory with generalized hierarchical models (Advisors: Meiser, Hilbig, Voss).
    7. Item versus source forgetting rates (Advisors: Kuhlmann, Bröder, Klauer, Voss).