Prof. Dr. Daniel Heck (SMiP-Member until 2019)

Prof. Dr. Daniel Heck

Prof. Dr. Daniel Heck

University of Marburg
Gutenbergstraße 18 – Room 01058
35032 Marburg

Daniel Heck was the Post Doc of the SMiP group. In October 2019 he became Professor of Psychological Methods at the Philipps-Universität Marburg.

  • Teaching (SMIP)

    • Foundations I (together with T. Meiser)
    • Foundations II: „Multinomial-Processing-Tree (MPT) Modeling“ (together with E. Erdfelder)
    • Training “Useful Software for a SMiP PhD”
    • Training “Advanced Topics in R”
    • Workshop „Core Principles of Bayesian Estimation and Model Selection“
    • Workshop “Introduction to Bayesian Inference: Core Principles and Application in Stan”