Dr. Anne Voormann

Dr. Anne Voormann

SMiP Cohort 2017


  • Current Occupation

    Postdoctoral Researcher

    University of Freiburg,  Experimental Psychology

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  • (Research) Interests

    I'm interested in human cognition. More specifically, I'm interested in human memory, human perception and visual attention, sequential effects arising during task performance as well as their applied field of human-machine interaction.

    Within memory, I'm doing research on the processes involved in recognition memory. More specifically, I examine the processes differing between multiple recognition decisions and simple recognition decisions, via cognitive modeling. Additionally, I investigate the role of guessing during recognition decisions and the importance of mis-detection as a necessary process within recognition decisions.

    In another  line of research I focus on sequential effects occuring in different areas of cognitive psychology (e.g., visual attention, interference tasks, task-switching). My aim is to find common aspects of those phenomenon and ideally a common way to model these effects.

    Furthermore, to apply the knowledge about fundamental human cognition gained from the previous two projects, I'm also interested in human-machine interaction. More specifically, we aim to investigate the impact of vibration on cognitive performance.

  • PhD Project

    Thesis Topic: Evaluating processes involved in recognition decisions using different model comparison techniques

    SMiP Dissertation Committee: Christoph Klauer, Andrea Kiesel, Arndt Bröder

    Degree: Dr. rer. nat., received from the University of Freiburg in January 2021