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Frederic Schlackl

Year: 2019

Center: Business

Supervisor: Hartmut Höhle

Frederic Schlackl was born in Ingolstadt, Germany. He received both his bachelor’s and his master’s degree in business administration from the University of Mannheim, focusing on information systems and psychology. During his studies, he spent semesters abroad at McGill University in Canada, and Carnegie Mellon University in the United States. Frederic also gained practical experience through internships at KPMG, Senacor, Cash Payment Solutions, and Google. At the University of Mannheim, he worked as a research assistant in the information systems area and also taught tutorials and implemented e-learning exercises in an introductory information systems class. In September 2019, Frederic joined the Information Systems track of the Center of Doctoral Studies in Business.

Research interests:

  • Behavioral security and privacy
  • Computational social science
  • Text mining
Frederic Schlackl, M.Sc.

Frederic Schlackl, M.Sc.

Academic Staff Member at the Chair of Enterprise Systems
University of Mannheim
L 9, 7 – Room 215
68161 Mannheim