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Guido Ropers

Year: 2016

Center: Social Sciences

Supervisor: Thomas König

Guido Ropers is a Ph.D. student at the Doctoral Center in Social and Behavioral Science (CDSS) of the University of Mannheim. He holds a master degree in Political Science from the University of Mannheim where he also completed his undergraduate studies. During his studies, he had visiting stays as exchange student both at the Central European University in Budapest (fall 2015) and the National University of Singapore (fall 2013).

Guido works as an editorial assistant of the American Political Science Review. Before, he was a student assistant at the chair of Prof. Dr. Thomas König during his master studies and at the German Internet Panel during his bachelor studies.

Research interests:

His core research interests lie in the intersection of International Political Economy and Comparative Politics. They center around the question how domestic political institutions shape responses by the native population to consequences of globalization, in particular international migration. In his master thesis, he analyzed the effect of international remittance flows on public good provision in developing economies. In a current research project together with Moritz Marbach, he examines whether asylum seekers cause natives` backlash in Germany. Moreover, he developed an interest in quantitative methods with a particular focus on causal inference in general and policy evaluations more specifically.



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Guido Ropers

Guido Ropers

Editorial Assistant/Doctoral Candidate
University of Mannheim
Chair of Politcal Science, European Politics
APSR Editorship
A 5, 6 – Room 327
68159 Mannheim