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Hatice Dedetaş Şatır

Year: 2022

Center: Social Sciences

Hatice Dedetaş Şatır is a Ph.D. student in Psychology at the Center for Doctoral Studies in Social and Behavioral Sciences (CDSS) of the University of Mannheim. She obtained her Bachelor's and Master of Science degrees in Psychology from Middle East Technical University (METU).

During her studies, she worked on cued recall, recognition memory, memory modeling, and cognitive control by running and involving in several research projects. Specifically, in her master’s thesis, Hatice simulated and tested the prediction of a recognition memory model. Besides her research experience, she also worked as a Teaching Assistant at METU Psychology Department for three years.

After gaining experience in theoretical research for years, she now wishes to pursue a Ph.D. by working on the transferring cognitive psychology to improve education.

Hatice Dedetaș Şatır

Hatice Dedetaș Şatır

University of Mannheim