Best Paper Award at Semantics

Our paper “On a Generalized Framework for Time-Aware Knowledge Graphs”, co-authored by Franz Krause, Tobias Weller, and Heiko Paulheim, has been awarded the best paper award at this year's Semantics conference.

The paper looks at the research landscape of taking into account the time-related evolution of the information encoded within a knowledge graph, and proposes a taxonomy of different flavours of time-awareness and dynamics in knowledge graphs. In particular, a distinction is made between the validity period and the traceability of facts as objectives of time-related knowledge graph extensions. In this context, terms and definitions such as dynamic and temporal are often used inconsistently or interchangeably in the literature. Therefore, with this paper we aim to provide a short, far from complete, but well-defined overview of time-aware knowledge graph extensions and thus faciliate future research in this field as well.

Paper preprint