Topics for Master Theses at the Chair for Artificial Intelligence

Smart City / Smart Mobility

  • Traffic Forecasting with Graph Attention Networks
  • Learning Traffic Simulation Parameters with Reinforcement Learning
  • Extending the Mannheim Mobility Model with Individual Bike Traffic

AI for Business Process Management

  • Applications of deep neural networks in Online Conformance Checking
  • Accurate Business Process Simulation (BPS) models based on deep learning
  • How to tackle concept drift in Predictive Process Monitoring (PPM)

Explainable and Fair Machine Learning

  • Extracting Causal Models from Module Handbooks for Explainable Student Success Prediction
  • Investigating Different Techniques to Improve Fairness for Tabular Data
  • Data-induced Bias in Social Simulations
  • Learing Causal Models from Tabular Data

Human Activity and Goal Recognition

  • Reinforcement Learning for Goal Recognition
  • Investigating the Difficulty of Goal Recognition Problems
  • Enhancing Audio-Based Activity Recognition through Autoencoder Encoded Representations
  • Activity Recognition from Audio Data in a Kitchen Scenario
  • Speaker Diarization and Identification in a Meeting Scenario

Machine Learning for Supply Chain Optimization

  • Time Series Analysis & Forecasting of Events (Sales, Demand, etc.)
  • Integrated vs. separated optimization: theory and practice
  • Leveraging deep learning to build a versatile end-to-end inventory management model
  • Reinforcement learning for the vehicle routing problem
  • Metaheuristics in SCM: Overview and benchmark study
  • Finetuning parametrized inventory management system

Anomaly Detection on Server Logs

  • Analyse real-life server logs stored in an existing opensearch library (Graylog)
  • Learning values describing normal behavior of servers and detect anomalies in logged messages
  • Implement simple alert system (existing systems like Icinga can be used)
  • Prepare results in a (Web-)Gui


  • Creating eLearning Recommender Systems using NLP
  • Hyperparameter Optimization for Symbolic Knowledge Graph Completion
  • Applying Symbolic Knowledge Graph Completion to Inductive Link Prediction
  • Data Augmentation via Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)
  • Autoencoders for Sparse, Irregularly Spaced Time Series Sequences