Topics for Master Theses at the Chair for Artificial Intelligence

Smart City / Smart Mobility

  • Predicting Traffic Incident Risk using Public Accident statistics
  • Travel Time Prediction Using Machine Learning and Simulation Data
  • Learning Optimal Pricing Policies for Parking Garages

Explainable and Fair Machine Learning

  • Extracting Causal Models from Module Handbooks for Explainable Student Success Prediction
  • Investigating Different Techniques to De-Bias Features to Improve Fairness
  • Analyzing and Improving Blackbox Explanation Methods for Learning Analytics
  • Investigating negative Rules in modern Graph Neural Networks for Knowledge Graph Completion (PyTorch required)
  • Visualization of Prediction Uncertainty in a Smart City Context
  • Data-induced Bias in Social Simulations

Human Activity and Goal Recognition

  • Reinforcement Learning for Goal Recognition
  • Improving Human Activity recognition with Object Occurrence Statistics from Videos
  • Automatic identification of activities and their relations in text
  • Smart-Phone based Emotion Extraction from Audio Data in Psychological Studies