Focus Group: Data Analytics

(Prof. Gemulla)

Our group's research focuses on systems and methods for analyzing and and learning from large datasets as well as their application in practice, including:

  • Machine learning with semi-structured/structured datadata
  • Combining unstructured and structured knowledge
  • Representation learning for multi-relational graphs
  • Efficient and scalable methods and systems for data-intensive processing



Former PhD students

Kaustubh Beedkar, Luciano del Corro, Kiril Gashteovski, Stefan Kain, Faraz Makari Manshadi, Alexander Renz-Wieland, Christina Teflioudi, Yanjie Wang

Data and Software

  • AdaPM: A fully adaptive parameter manager
  • LibKGE: A knowledge graph embedding library
  • Lapse: A parameter server with dynamic parameter allocation
  • OPIEC: An open information extraction corpus
  • MinIE: Open information extractor (spiritual successor to ClausIE)
  • DSGDpp: Various parallel algorithms for matrix factorization (including DSGD++)
  • DESQ: Frequent sequence mining with subsequence constraints
  • Rounding rank: algorithms for computing rounding-rank decompositions
  • CORE: Context-aware open relation extraction with factorization machines
  • FINET: Context-aware fine-grained named entity typing
  • Werdy: Recognition and Disambiguation of Verbs and Verb Phrases with Syntactic and Semantic Pruning
  • ClausIE: Clause-Based Open Information Extraction
  • LEMP: Fast Retrieval of Large Entries in a Matrix Product
  • LASH: Large-Scale Sequence Mining with Hierarchies
  • MG-FSM: Large-Scale Frequent Sequence Mining


If you are interested in writing a seminar, Bachelor or Master thesis with us, please read the following guidelines.

Current semester (FSS 2024)

Previous semester (HWS 2023)


      See also Google Scholar and DBLP.

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      The analysis of the number of binary search steps (Lemma 2) contains a bug; see our Biglearn paper for a corrected version.
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      URL for citations:
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      As observed by Hu et al., the lower bound of Ω(k log N) stated in Theorem 1 should read Ω(k log(N/k)).
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      The resizing algorithm proposed in this article contains a bug; see my Ph.D. thesis or our 2013 VLDB Journal paper for a corrected version.
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