Prof. Dr. Christian Bizer

Chair of Information Systems V: Web-based Systems

Universität Mannheim
B6, 26, Room B 1.15
D-68159 Mannheim

Email:  christian.bizer (at) 
Phone: +49 621 181 2677



Christian Bizer explores technical and empirical questions concerning the development of global, decentralized information environments. His current research focus is the evolution of the World Wide Web from a medium for the publication of documents into a global dataspace. Christian Bizer initialized the W3C Linking Open Data community effort which is interlinking large numbers of data sources on the Web. He co-founded the DBpedia project which derives a comprehensive knowledge base from Wikipedia. He also initialized the WebDataCommons project which monitors the adoption of, RDFa, JSON-LD, Microdata, and Microformats on the Web by analysing large Web crawls. His technical research focuses on the integration of data from large numbers of Web data sources and includes topics such as information extraction, identity resolution, schema matching, data fusion, and data search. Christian Bizer holds an appointment as full professor at the University of Mannheim, where he leads the Focus Group Web-based Systems of the Data and Web Science Group. Before moving to Mannheim, he headed the Web-based Systems Group at Freie Universität Berlin.

Research Interests

  • Large-scale data integration / data lakes
  • Identity resolution, schema matching, data fusion, data search
  • Information extraction from semi-structured sources
  • Analysis of the adoption of semantic web technologies
  • Knowledge base construction


Google Scholar gives an idea which of my papers are highly cited.  DBLP and Semantic Scholar maintain further lists of my publications.



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Lecture Videos

Videos and screen casts covering all of Christian Bizer's master courses are available on the DWS video lecture page.

Bachelor and Master Thesis

My group and I constantly offer master and bachelor thesis topics in relation to our research as well as the current focus of our seminar.  We are also open to students proposing their own topics as well as to master theses written in cooperation with companies. Please send us an application according to the DWS thesis guidelines if you are interested in writing a bachelor or master thesis with us.


Prof. Dr. Christian Bizer

Prof. Dr. Christian Bizer

Chair for Information Systems V: Web-based Systems
University of Mannheim
School of Business Informatics and Mathematics
B 6, 26 – Room B 1.15
68159 Mannheim
Consultation hour(s):
Wed 1:30–2:30 p.m.