Seminar on Process Analysis (CS 719)

This seminar is concerned with state-of-the-art research related to process analysis, covering subjects such as business process management, process mining, process analysis, stream processing, and robotic process automation.


In this seminar, you will have the following goals:

  • Read, understand, and explore scientific literature based on an assigned topic
  • Write a concise report that summarizes the state of the art in your topic (10–12 pages, excl. references)
  • Give a presentation on your topic (15 minutes + 10 minutes questions)
  • Discuss your results with fellow students


  • This seminar for master students is organized by Han van der Aa and Alexander Kraus
  • The seminar is given in both the FSS and HWS
  • Make sure to carefully consider the prerequisites and key dates listed below


To be eligible for the seminar, students need to have completed or be currently taken IE692 (Advanced Process Mining) or IS515 (Process Management & Analytics).

Key dates (HWS2023, subject to change):

All dates refer to 23:59 local time unless otherwise indicated:

  • Wednesday, September 20: Deadline to submit your topic preferences (a separate form will be sent to you by e-mail)
  • Friday, September 22: Mandatory kick-off meeting (10:15–11:45)
  • Friday, October 20: First one-on-one tutor meetings
  • Friday, November 17: Second one-on-one tutor meetings
  • Friday, December 8: Presentation sessions (10:15 – 13:30)
  • Friday, January 26, 2024: Deadline to submit your final seminar paper


Students need to submit their registration via the centralized seminar application procedure in Portal2:

  1. Log into Portal2
  2. Click on “Studying” and then “Search for courses”
  3. In the search field, type “Seminar Process Mining”. Make sure that the right term is selected
  4. Click on “Anmeldung Seminar (Master)”
  5. Complete the centralized seminar application procedure


Participants will be assigned a topic that shall serve as a starting point for a literature survey. Participants should indicate three preferred topics in a dedicated sign-up form (provided later).

The list of topics can be found here.

You are also free to propose your own topic/paper by looking at publications at key venues such as the international conferences on Business Process Management (BPM), Advanced Information Systems Engineering (CAiSE), and Process Mining (ICPM), as well as journals such as Information Systems and Decision Support Systems.