Alexander Kraus


University of Mannheim

B6, 26, Room C 2.07

D-68159 Mannheim

Email: alexander.kraus (at)


I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Data and Web Science Group at the School of Business Informatics and Mathematics of the University of Mannheim. I am supervised by Prof. Dr. Han van der Aa.

Research Interests

  • Process Mining
  • System-state analytics of business processes (current focus)


Process Management & AnalyticsExercise2021 HWS, 2022 HWS
Process Mining & AnalyticsExercise

2020 HWS

Process AnalysisSeminar2020 HWS, 2021 FSS, 2021 HWS, 2022 FSS, 2022 HWS

Analysis II


2018 FSS

Analysis ITutorial

2017 HWS

Operations Management

Tutorial2017 HWS, 2016 HWS
Scientific ComputingTutorial

2015 FSS

Linear Algebra IIA


2014 FSS

Linear Algebra ITutorial2013 HWS, 2014 HWS