DWS Colloquium (FSS 2023)

The DWS colloquium consists of a series of scientific talks by local and international researchers as well as several poster sessions in which the PhD students of the DWS group present their ongoing research. The colloquium is jointly organized by all DWS senior faculty members (Prof. Bizer, Prof. Gemulla, Prof. Paulheim, Prof. Ponzetto, Prof. Stuckenschmidt). 

The DWS colloquium takes place every Tuesday from 12:00 to 13:30. Most of the session will take place offline in Room B6 A1.01. Sessions involving no local but only remote speakers will take place online via Zoom. Please refer to the schedule below for checking if a session takes place offline or online. 

Colloquium Schedule

Date / Location



– online via ZOOM – 
Greg Kondrak (University of  Alberta)Improving Lexical Resources using Translations
– online via ZOOM -
Andreas Gerber (SAP Signavio)Using Large Language Models for Process Mining
– online via ZOOM -
Sebastian Lang (University of Magdeburg)

Reinforcement Learning for Production Scheduling

– offline in front of room B6 A101 -

Poster session
Presenters: Alexander Beier, Lea Cohausz, Nicolas Heist, Sven Hertling, Christoph Huber, Andreea Iana, Franz Krause, Florian Rupp, Christian Schreckenberger, Tornike Tsereteli

– offline in room B6 A101 -
Nicolas Hubert (University de Lorraine)From Semantic-aware to Semantic-enhanced Knowledge Graph Embedding Models for Link Prediction
Damir Korencic (TU Valencia) 

Tackling Covid-19 Conspiracies on Twitter using BERT Ensembles, GPT-3 Augmentation, and Graph Neural Networks

– offline in room B6 A101 -

Paul Swoboda (University of Mannheim)Advances in Clustering with Multicut

Ingo Scholtes (University of Würzburg)

De Bruijn Goes Neural: Towards Causality-Aware Graph Neural Networks for Time Series Data
– offline in room B6 A101 -
André Ferdinand (University of Mannheim)

Optimizing Multi-Stage Decision Problems using Deep Reinforcement Learning

Ralph Peeters, Alexander Brinkmann (University of Mannheim)Using ChatGPT for Entity Matching, Information Extraction, and as Tutors for Graduate Students
– offline in front of room B6 A101 -
Poster session
Presenters: Keyvan Amiri, Tommaso Green, Katharina Ludwig, Jakob Kappenberger, Keti Korini, Sascha Marton, Noah Metzger, Konrad Özdemir, Darshit Pandya, Michael Schlechtinger, Andrej Tschalzev
– offline in room B6 A101 -
 Taher Pilehvar (TeIAS / Cambridge)Interpreting Model's Decisions using Decomposition-based Token Attribution Analysis
Peter Pfeiffer (DFKI)Business Process Representation Learning – Towards Process Representation Models
– offline in front of room B6 A101 -

Poster session
Patrick Betz, Martin Böckling, Alexander Brinkmann, Julia Gastinger, Lars Hoffmann, Antonis Klironomos, Alexander Kraus, Simon Ott, Adrian Rebmann, Sotaro Takeshita, Nils Wilken