Seminar on Knowledge Graph Construction (FSS 2023)

Knowledge graphs – both general public knowledge graphs as well as system and domain specific ones – have been identified as useful ingredients for artificial intelligence systems. Especially the latest reported experiments with ChatGPT have shown that AIs need a solid backbone of trusted factual knowledge. In this seminar, we will look at the more practical aspects of how to build such knowledge graphs.

It is expected that participants in this seminar are familiar with the basic concepts of knowledge graphs and the underlying theories and standards, either by having attended the lecture IE 650 Knowledge Graphs or by an equivalent amount of self study.


In this seminar, you will familiarize yourself with approaches to knowledge graph construction. You will read research papers, specifications, and tool descriptions, as well as conduct own experiments where applicable, and you will discuss the insights with the other participants of the seminar.

As a participant, you are supposed to introduce a particular technique for knowledge graph construction and present it to the seminar participants. Each seminar paper undergoes a peer review process in the seminar. Presentations are supposed to be about 25 minutes long.


This seminar is organized by Prof. Dr. Heiko Paulheim

Available for Master students (2 SWS, 4 ECTS)

Prerequisites: IE 650 Knowledge Graphs

Additional resources:


  • February 23rd, 13:45–15:15: kick off meeting, room tba
  • March 1st: topic assignment
  • March 29th: paper draft due
  • April 12th: peer review due
  • May 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th: 13:45–17:00 presentations and discussions, schedule and room tba
  • June 18th: final paper due