Photo credit: Anna Logue

Text Analytics Seminar (HWS 2018: Ethics in NLP)

NOTE: This lecture will NOT be offered in FSS 2019, since the module leader (Simone Ponzetto) is on sabbatical.

This semester we will look at major discussions and contributions at the intersection of ethics and Natural Language Processing.



NOTE: registration starts in August via Portal2.


The seminar will take place in C1.01 from 10:00 to 11:30 am.


  • 14.09.18 (Kickoff)
  • 12.10.18
  • 19.10.18
  • 09.11.18
  • 23.11.18
  • 30.11.18


In this seminar, you will have to meet the following requirements:

  • Read, understand, and explore scientific literature related to one of the topics that can be found below
  • Learn how your topic is reflected by media and society
  • Discuss and debate with the other participants
  • Summarize your topic in a concise report
  • Give a presentation on your topic focusing on two scientific publications (25 minutes presentation + 20 minutes questions and discussion)


  • Successful completion of IE 661 “Text Analytics” or IE 663 “Web Search and Information Retrieval”.
  • Fundamental notions of linear algebra and probability theory.

Topics + Literature

The seminar will touch on the following topics. Please use the literature below as a starting point and also check out the proceedings of the Workshop on Ethics in NLP (e.g., 2017).*

* The literature is mostly taken from