New Project on eLearning Innovation at the AI Group

In courses, all participants are usually provided with identical learning materials, regardless of previous knowledge and ability. As part of the project, a recommendation system is to be developed and tested in two different courses, which provides students with additional materials such as exercises or examples on the basis of online feedback via ILIAS in order to optimally prepare them for the exam.

The Chair of Artificial Intelligence brings technical expertise to the table and is responsible for expanding the ILIAS eLearning system and developing the recommendation component.  The Chair of Business Education – Technology-based Instruction Design (Prof. Ifenthaler) is a leader in the field of learning analytics and eLearning and adds  technical expertise as well as experience in the development of eLearning systems (e.g. LeAP and Prompting) to the project. In particular, the LeAP system developed at the chair with the support of the Chair for Artificial Intelligence will orm the basis for the project. Both chairs provide a use case from their teaching portfolio for the recommendation system to be developed and will apply and evaluate this in a lecture.