Paper accepted at ADBIS 2023

The paper “Using ChatGPT for Entity Matching” by Ralph Peeters and Christian Bizer was accepted at ADBIS 2023.

The paper “Using ChatGPT for Entity Matching” by Ralph Peeters and Christian Bizer was accepted at the 27th European Conference on Advances in Databases and Information Systems (ADBIS) which will be held in Barcelona, Spain, 4–7 September 2023.


Entity Matching is the task of deciding if two entity descriptions refer to the same real-world entity. State-of-the-art entity matching methods often rely on fine-tuning Transformer models such as BERT or RoBERTa. Two major drawbacks of using these models for entity matching are that (i) the models require significant amounts of fine-tuning data for reaching a good performance and (ii) the fine-tuned models are not robust concerning out-of-distribution entities. In this paper, we investigate using ChatGPT for entity matching as a more robust, training data-efficient alternative to traditional Transformer models.  We perform experiments along three dimensions: (i) general prompt design, (ii) in-context learning, and (iii) provision of higher-level matching knowledge. We show that ChatGPT is competitive with a fine-tuned RoBERTa model, reaching a zero-shot performance of 82.35% F1 on a challenging matching task on which RoBERTa requires 2000 training examples for reaching a similar performance. Adding in-context demonstrations to the prompts further improves the F1 by up to 7.85% when using similarity-based example selection. Always using the same set of 10 handpicked demonstrations leads to an improvement of 4.92%  over the zero-shot performance. Finally, we show that ChatGPT can also be guided by adding higher-level matching knowledge in the form of rules to the prompts. Providing matching rules leads to similar performance gains as providing in-context demonstrations.

Preprint Version of the Paper

Ralph Peeters and  Christian Bizer: Using ChatGPT for Entity Matching

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