Paper accepted at AKBC

Our paper “Gollum: A Gold Standard for Large Scale Multi Source Knowledge Graph Matching” has been accepted at the 4th Conference on Automated Knowledge Graph Construction.


The number of Knowledge Graphs (KGs) generated with automatic and manual approaches is constantly growing. For an integrated view and usage, an alignment between these KGs is necessary on the schema as well as instance level. While there are approaches that try to tackle this multi source knowledge graph matching problem, large gold standards are missing to evaluate their effectiveness and scalability. We close this gap by presenting Gollum -- a gold standard for large-scale multi source knowledge graph matching with over 275,000 correspondences between 4,149 different KGs. They originate from knowledge graphs derived by applying the DBpedia extraction framework to a large wiki farm. Three variations of the gold standard are made available: (1) a version with all correspondences for evaluating unsupervised matching approaches, and two versions for evaluating supervised matching: (2) one where each KG is contained both in the train and test set, and (3) one where each KG is exclusively contained in the train or the test set.