New Projects

Certainly, you too are wondering what the future has in store for you, your family and friends, for Germany and for the world. What will be the topics of the future? Where can we expect fundamental changes?
We do not only want to pose these significant questions, but create solutions and visions for future challenges together with the researchers and students of the University of Mannheim.
True to the motto of our new campaign „Der Zukunft gewidmet“ (“Dedicated to the future”), we have looked for projects and areas at the University of Mannheim that will be of great importance for our future.
Learn about all the funding opportunities and join us in investing in pioneering research projects, bright minds and a working environment that makes high-quality research possible. Invest in the future with us!

The Future is Digital
The Future is International
The Future Needs the Brightest Minds
The Future Needs the Best Environment

Our brochure

Download the full brochure to get detailed information on ongoing and new projects. If you would like to receive a printed copy, feel free to contact us. We hope you enjoy reading it!