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Fabian Eble

Year: 2019

Center: Business

Supervisor: Johannes Voget / Sebastian Siegloch

Fabian Eble was born in Baden-Baden, Germany. In 2015, he received his Bachelor's degree in Economics from the University of Mannheim. During his undergraduate studies, Fabian spent a semester abroad at the Universidad Carlos III, Madrid. Subsequently, he received his Master's degree in Economics with a focus on Financial Economics, Behavioural Economics and Public Economics from the University of Mannheim. Further, he gained experience as a research assistant at the chair of ABWL, Taxation & Finance at the University of Mannheim, where he worked on topics covering taxation of the financial sector, international taxation and behavioural responses to taxation. In his master’s thesis, he focused on the effect of the real estate transaction tax on the German property market. In September 2019, Fabian joined the Taxation track of the Centre of Doctoral Studies in Business.

Research interests:

  • Taxation of the financial sector
  • Behavioural responses to taxation
  • Behavioural Economics
  • Finance


Fabian Eble, M.Sc.

Fabian Eble, M.Sc.

University of Mannheim
Sonderforschungsbereichs (SFB) TRR266 „Accounting for Transparency”
German Business Panel
B 6, 30–32
68159 Mannheim