Two doctoral students are walking out of the courtyard of the B6 building.

Daniel Runge

Year: 2017

Center: Economics

Supervisor: Krzysztof Pytka

Daniel was born in 1993 in Nastätten, Germany.  He obtained his Bachelor Degree in Social and Political Sciences, Economics and Law from the University of Erfurt. During his undergraduate studies, he was an intern in politics, a teaching assistant in Mathematics for Economists as well as a students' representative at University. In 2017, Daniel started his Master studies at the University of Mannheim and joined the CDSE via the Research Track. In Mannheim, he is a teaching assistant for Econometrics and receives a stipend from the Bundesbank.

Daniel's research interests are mainly in Macrofinance and the stability of the banking sector. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, concerts and hiking.

Daniel Runge

Daniel Runge

Doctoral Student
University of Mannheim