Two doctoral students are walking out of the courtyard of the B6 building.

Chiara Malavasi

Year: 2019

Center: Economics

Supervisor: Antonio Ciccone

Chiara was born in 1994 in Rome, Italy. She completed a Bachelor Degree in Economics at the University of Rome Tor Vergata. During her Bachelor, she spent a semester at the University of Hamburg. She then obtained a Master of Science in Economics at University of Pisa and Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies. Her Master thesis focused on the analysis of life expectancy inequality in Germany between 1995 and 2015. She worked as teaching assistant for Prof. Davide Fiaschi at the University of Pisa, and as trainee in the Directorate General Statistics at the European Central Bank. She is a member of the Italian Associazione per la Storia Economica (ASE, Economic History Association) since 2016. 

Her research interests include labour, public and health economics.

Chiara Malavasi

Chiara Malavasi

Doctoral Student
University of Mannheim