Two doctoral students are walking out of the courtyard of the B6 building.

Giacomo Ferraro

Year: 2019

Center: Economics

Supervisor: Wladislaw Mill

Giacomo was born in 1994 in Treviso, Italy. He completed his Bachelor's Degree in Economics and trade in Venice at the Ca’ Foscari university of Venice. He then obtained his Master of Science in Economics at Ca’ Foscari university of Venice. During the Master he worked as assistant lecturer for the course of Mathematics. The dissertation was an analysis of which factors affect attractiveness of two Italian mountain areas to suggest policies to avoid depopulation of such areas. After completing the studies, he had worked for a year as researcher at G.R.E.T.A. (Applied and Theoretical Economics’ Research Groups) Associates: his work was mainly related to the analysis on consumers’ behavior and evaluation on the use of European funds (for Veneto Region and Republic of Croatia).

His fields of interest are macroeconomics, development economics and behavioral economics. His hobbies and passions are reading books, watching movies, playing handball and hiking.

Giacomo Ferraro

Giacomo Ferraro

Doctoral Student
University of Mannheim