Two doctoral students are walking out of the courtyard of the B6 building.

Eunseong Park

Year: 2021

Center: Economics

Eunseong is from South Korea and joined the CDSE in 2021. He holds a B.Sc. in Economics from the University of Mannheim and an M.Sc. in Economics from the Humboldt University of Berlin. During his undergraduate years in Mannheim, Eunseong worked as a student assistant to the Chair of Microeconometrics. In Berlin, his roles included student assistant at the Chair of Econometrics and the Chair of Business Administration. In 2023, he began working as a researcher in the Research Unit “Environmental and Climate Economics” at the ZEW.

Eunseong Park, M.Sc.

Eunseong Park, M.Sc.

Doctoral Student
University of Mannheim