Two doctoral students are walking out of the courtyard of the B6 building.

Year: 2022

Center: Economics

Dhia was born in 2000 in Tunis, Tunisia. He joined the CDSE via the Master of Economic Research (MAER) track. Beforehand, he concluded his undergraduate studies at Vienna University of Business and Economics, specializing in economics and finance. Throughout this time, he took part in various policy research projects in Tunisia, predominantly studying the effect of market regulation on productivity and long-term growth.

He is interested in theoretical macroeconomics, notably questions regarding heterogeneity and long-term growth mechanisms. His Bachelor Degree was about the cultural explanation to the cross-country saving rate heterogeneity. Furthermore, he is interested in international economics, public economics and development economics.

In his free time, Dhia enjoys playing basketball, watching football and movies.

Mohamed Dhia Khalfallah

Mohamed Dhia Khalfallah

University of Mannheim