Sensor Data Collector

This application allows to record all common build-in sensors of wearable device. It is possible to specifiy the sampling rate and record several sensors simultaneously. In addition, it is possible to label the recorded data by specifying the current activity, posture, and location. The recorded data can be visualized as well as exported in several formats.
Combining the smart-phone with at least one smart-watch enables also to record the same sensor simultaneously for different on-body positions. Further, the smart-watch provides a nadditional interface which allows to control this application without taking the smart-phone in hand. Hence, the user can easily update the current location or activity which helps to create an accurate labeling of the data.


  • Recording of all build-in sensors (simultaneously)
  • Labeling recorded data (Activity, Location, Posture)
  • Visualize recorded data as well as live plotting
  • Provides several export formats (sqlite, csv)
  • Supports also smart-watches (sensor recording, additional interface)