CS 560: Large-Scale Data Management (HWS 2021)


  • Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Rainer Gemulla
  • Tutor: Adrian Kochsiek
  • Type of course: Lecture, exercises (6 ECTS points)
  • Prerequisites: Database Systems I or equivalent, programming experience
  • Registration: Enroll in Portal 2

The lecture will be held digitally, the tutorial once digitally and once in presence (when possible). Details are discussed in the kickoff lecture (Tuesday, Sep 7, 10:15).


This course introduces the fundamental concepts and computational paradigms of large-scale data management and Big Data. This includes methods for storing, updating, querying, and analyzing large dataset as well as for data-intensive computing. The course covers concept, algorithms, and system issues; accompanying exercises provide hands-on experience. Topics include:

  • Parallel and distributed databases
  • MapReduce and its ecosystem
  • Spark and dataflows
  • NoSQL databases
  • Stream processing (tentative)
  • Graph processing (tentative)

Lecture Notes

Lecture recordings, lecture notes, exercises, and supplementary material can be found in ILIAS.