Gender Equality at the University of Mannheim – Facts and Figures

Nationwide, we can observe a progressive “evaporation” or disappearance of highly qualified female researchers as they advance in their academic careers. The so-called “leaky pipeline” phenomenon also exists at the University of Mannheim. While the proportion of female scientists among postdocs is still a strong 42 %, it drops to 30 % among junior professors and even to 22 % among professors (as of December 1, 2023). This should change. Measures and objectives for the current planning period can be found in the equal opportunity strategy of the University of Mannheim.

  • Women's share of doctorates

  • Proportion of women among postdocs

  • Women's share of junior professorships

  • Women's share of W3 professorships

Gender equality and diversity in research

Equality and diversity play a major role in research and teaching in Mannheim. For example, the Mannheim Center for European Social Research (MZES) devotes one of its research foci to the question of how life courses and social inequalities can be influenced by changes in education systems, labor markets, and other social conditions. In the SFB/TRR 224 Economic Perspectives on Societal Challenges, one research focus is on the economic significance of transformations in family and education policy and their influence on gender equality. Further examples of Mannheim's gender research can be found in the list of selected publications.

State of research with respect to equality-related topics in appointment procedures

The appointment guide and its fact sheets – prepared by the central equal opportunity officer – take into account the current state of research on topics of equality and diversity. This counteracts the “leaky pipeline” in appointment procedures. For further information, please see empirical evidence.


Sabine Kußmaul

Sabine Kußmaul (she/her)

Head of the Department of Equal Opportunity and Social Diversity
University of Mannheim
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