Sexual Harassment

Am I affected? What do I have to do? Not every situation can be clearly classified immediately. Some situations leave a disconcerting, uncomfortable feeling even weeks later. Do not let yourself be outfaced and do not trivialize the feeling. Studies show that such incidents can have an impact on the affected student’s biography and/or professional career.

The University of Mannheim clearly speaks out against sexual harassment!

Should you experience any kind of sexual harassment at the University of Mannheim, our contact persons will be there to assist you. A personal consultation is the first step to improve your situation. We will clarify the situation with you and take the time to address your experiences and concerns.

You can rely on us: Your concerns, your data, and the discussions we have are subject to confidentiality. We treat everything as strictly confidential and will not take any action without your consent.

The Staff Council, the Representative for Employees with a Disability and the Equal Opportunity Commissioner always have a sympathetic ear for your concerns.

The Ministery of Science, Research and Arts of Baden-Württemberg (MWK) has ordered Michaela Spandau from Stuttgart as a lawyer in charge of sexual discrimination, sexual harassment and violence for the facilities in the MWK business unit.

Sexual harassment and violence in any form has no place at our university.

Seek support:

Alexandra Raquet

Alexandra Raquet (she/her)

Diversity and Dual Career
University of Mannheim
Department of Equal Opportunity and Social Diversity
B 6, 30–32 – Room 014
68159 Mannheim
Prof. Dr. Georg W. Alpers

Prof. Dr. Georg W. Alpers

Chair of Clinical and Biological Psychology and Psychotherapy
* If possible, please contact us exclusively via your university mail.
University of Mannheim
School of Social Sciences
L 13, 17 – Room 209
68161 Mannheim
Consultation hour(s):
Consultation hours of Prof. Alpers, Tuesdays 10:30–11:30 the OSI.

Please check our news page to find out if the consultation hours are taking place. If the consultation hour is cancelled, you will find a note there.