Organization of Working Time

Flexibility plays a major role in our everyday lives. The importance of having a good work-life balance becomes even more obvious when you have to care for your children or other relatives. Therefore, the University of Mannheim supports you in reconciling work and family life. 

  • Telework

    Work up to 50% of your regular weekly working hours from home.

    Do you have to take care of your sick child or relatives, or is childcare unavailable? In such cases, you can still use ad-hoc teleworking at short notice, but it must be approved in advance. Appointment with a craftsman, public transport strike? You can work from home for up to 5 days a year in these and similar cases.

    The Staff Council has compiled further information on your options.

    Please always discuss your options with your superior and your advisor in the Human Resources division.

    Target group: Non-academic staff members of the University of Mannheim

  • Flexitime model

    Scheduling all your appointments with the doctor or workmen for the weekend can be difficult. The flexitime model of the University of Mannheim allows you to schedule your appointments according to your needs. Reduce your accrued overtime. As a rule, you can do this before or after the core work time of 10 a.m. to 3 p.m; yet,  under certain circumstances, this is also possible within the core work time. Provided that your child is sick or you have to care for a relative who is in need of care, you can also reduce your accrued overtime on up to five days in a row. 

    The Working Time Agreement defines the relevant details.

    Please always discuss your options with your superior.

    Target group: Non-academic staff members and civil servants of the University of Mannheim

For more information on the organization of working time, please also see the website of the Staff Council


Andrea Horn

Andrea Horn

Equal Opportunity Commissioner for non-academic staff members (administration, library, and University IT)
University of Mannheim
B 6, 30–32 – Room 011
68159 Mannheim
Sabine Kußmaul

Sabine Kußmaul (she/her)

Head of the Department of Equal Opportunity and Social Diversity
University of Mannheim
Stabsstelle Gleichstellung und soziale Vielfalt
B 6, 30–32 – Room 020
68159 Mannheim