Daniel Ruffinelli


Email: use_my_first_name @ informatik.uni-mannheim.de

(Feel free to insist if I do not reply to your email quickly enough)

B6, 26 Room B 004

Phone: +49 621 181 – 2482


I am a Ph.D. candidate at the Chair of Data Analytics. The chair is part of the Data and Web Science Group at the University of Mannheim. I am supervised by Prof. Dr. Rainer Gemulla and by Prof. Dr. Heiner Stuckenschmidt.

Research Interests

  • Machine learning
  • Knowledge representation and reasoning



  • D. Ruffinelli, S. Broscheit, R. Gemulla
    You CAN Teach an Old Dog New Tricks! On Training Knowledge Graph Embeddings
    In ICLR, 2020
  • Y. Wang, D. Ruffinelli, R. Gemulla, S. Broscheit, C. Meilicke
    On Evaluating Embedding Models for Knowledge Base Completion
    In RepL4NLP@ACL (workshop), 2019
  • C. Meilicke, M. W. Chekol, D. Ruffinelli, H. Stuckenschmidt
    Anytime Bottom-up Rule Learning for Knowledge Graph Completion
    In IJCAI, 2019
  • C. Meilicke, M. Fink, Y. Wang, D. Ruffinelli, R. Gemulla, H. Stuckenschmidt
    Fine-grained Evaluation of Rule- and Embedding-based Systems for Knowledge Graph Completion
    In ISWC, 2018