Data Mining (FSS 2021)

The course provides an introduction to advanced data analysis techniques as a basis for analyzing business data and providing input for decision support systems. The course will cover the following topics:

  • The Data Mining Process
  • Data Representation and Preprocessing
  • Clustering
  • Classification
  • Regression
  • Association Analysis
  • Text Mining

The course consists of a lecture together with accompanying practical exercises as well as student team projects.  In the exercises the participants will gather initial expertise in applying state of the art data mining tools on realistic data sets. The team projects take place in the last third of the term. Within the projects, students realize more sophisticated data mining projects of personal choice and report about the results of their projects in the form of a written report as well as an oral presentation.

The webpage about the HWS 2020 edition of this course is found in the lecture archive.

Exam Review

The  review for the exam of FSS2021 will take place offline at the University in the week of July 12th. The exact place and time will be published here later. For attending the exam review you need to register via email with Alexander Brinkmann until Friday July 9th.

There is no second exam for FSS2021. The next opportunity to retake the project and exam is in HWS2021/2022.

Lecture Videos, Slides and Exercises



Additional material will be found in the ILIAS group of the course.



Introduction to Data Mining
Introduction to Python (see below table)

Exercise Preprocessing/Visualization

10.03.2021Lecture ClusteringExercise Clustering
17.03.2021Lecture Classification 1Exercise Classification 
24.03.2021Lecture Classification 2Exercise Classification 
14.04.2021Lecture Classification 3Exercise Classification 
21.04.2021Video Lecture RegressionExercise Regression
28.04.2021Video Lecture Text MiningExercise Text Mining
5.05.2021Video Lecture Association AnalysisExercise Association Analysis
12.05.2021Introduction to the Student Projects 
and Group Formation
Preparation of Project Outlines
19.05.2021Feedback on Project OutlinesProject Work
26.05.2021Project WorkFeedback on demand
2.06.2021Feedback on demandProject Work
09.06.2021Submission of project report (Deadline: 13.06)Preparation of presentation
16.06.2021Presentation of project resultsPresentation of project results
23.06.2021Final exam (online) 

For all students which are not familiar with Python/Jupyter Notebooks, we offer an introduction on Wednesday, 3 March 2021 between 15:30 and 17:00 in room WIM-ZOOM Room 13.