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Coronavirus: Current Measures and Recommendations

The University of Mannheim is globally networked in research and teaching. Employees and students are in constant exchange with our national and international partners, and we have a remarkably international campus. The President’s Office of the University of Mannheim expressly wishes and supports this kind of international networking.

In light of the rapid spread of the coronavirus, the University of Mannheim asks both employees and students to be particularly attentive and careful when traveling to and from China. The World Health Organization WHO has recently declared a public health emergency of international concern over the new coronavirus epidemic in order to contain the outbreak and to prevent the spread of the coronavirus beyond the borders of affected countries and regions.  The classification has no direct consequences for Germany, as the WHO recommendations have already been fulfilled here. However, the Federal Foreign Office has issued a partial travel warning for travelers from Germany to China.

Traveling to China

The University of Mannheim has decided to follow this travel warning until further notice and asks employees and students to postpone any nonessential trips to China if possible. With immediate effect, business trips of university employees to China are subject to additional approval by the travel expenses office of the Human Resources division. This also applies to trips that have already been approved. If you plan to travel to China on business in the near future, please contact the Human Resources division as soon as possible:

Persons returning from China

Anyone who has recently returned from China or other affected regions or has been in contact with affected people should be alert and contact a doctor immediately in case of any symptoms. It is important to first inform the doctor by telephone that you have recently been to China.

Should employees suspect an infection, they can also contact the occupational medical service at the University of Mannheim. In case you have concrete medical questions, please send an e-mail to amd(at) Would you like an appointment with the occupational medical service, please send an e-mail with the subject “Coronavirus” to bgm(at)

Other recommendations

Judging by the current situation, the risk of infection with the coronavirus in Germany is low. In addition, the probability of coming into contact with the virus at the University of Mannheim is no higher than in other public places.

As the situation can change, please inform yourself about the respective recommendations on a daily basis.

Further information

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February 12, 2020