Life-Long Learning

Continuing education for all areas of life

We at the University of Mannheim want to make it possible for everyone to get a taste of university life. Even elementary school students can earn a Kids' University certificate. For those who want to continue their education while pursuing a career or completing their degree, we offer certificate courses and programs to do so. Or how about a management course at the Mannheim Business School?

Our Guest Student and Senior Citizen Programoffers a wide range of courses from all departments. The Studium Generale with more than 140 courses in the fields of language, communication, IT, theater and music is also open to everyone interested.

While studying at the University of Mannheim, students can also participate in language courses and other continuing education courses to to strengthen career-relevant and interdisciplinary soft skills.

Continuing Education in Academia

Sustainability, innovations and start-up ideas for the cultural sector, German as a foreign language – our certificate courses and continuing education programs provide you with the skills required in the future.

Studienabschluss, Graduierungsfeier, Absolvieren
Continuing Education in Management

The Mannheim Business School offers international MBA programs, taught fully in English for part-time or full-time students.