Depending on the destination, a stay abroad can mean higher expenses in comparison to studying in Germany. To ease the financial burden, there are many scholarship programs and other financial support options available. The International Office is happy to advise you on financing your stay abroad.

Staying abroad on a tight budget?

If you can’t spend a lot of money, you might want to select countries with low costs of living. The country database of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) (only available in German) provides an overview. Whether you want to spend your semester abroad in Europe or overseas is an important factor: Stays outside of Europe often entail additional costs for visa, special insurance coverage, bank guarantees, language tests, and high travel expenses. Additionally, the Erasmus grant is almost always included for stays abroad in Europe.


Erasmus, Promos, Baden-Württemberg Scholarship and other programs: Most students at the University of Mannheim receive funding for their stays abroad through various scholarship programs. In most cases, these scholarships cover part of the costs of living.

BAföG for stays abroad

Not only students receiving regular BAföG (Inlands-BAföG) are eligible for BAföG for stays abroad. Students who fall just under the assessment threshold for Inlands-BAföG can take advantage of BAföG for their stays abroad.

Student loans

If no scholarships are available or other financing issues arise, student loan programs might be an alternative. Especially the federal student loan program can be a helpful temporary funding option.

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Country-specific support

Some funding institutions focus on one region or country. We have compiled a list of funding options for each country.

We are happy to help you: