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Express Service

The Express Service was established by Student Services as an additional point of contact for students in order to minimize waiting times.

The Express Service team is responsible for: 

  • Accepting application and enrollment documents
  • Re-registration
  • Disenrollment
  • Issuing Transcripts of Records (can also be requested in PDF format)
  • Issuing and accepting applications for an academic leave of absence
  • Processing applications for an academic leave of absence if they require no further discussion
  • Changing students’ names and addresses
  • Printing out other certificates
  • Issuing and accepting requests for late registration or change in registration for an exam
  • De-registration from exams
  • Accepting medical certificates
  • Issuing and accepting documents on behalf of the International Office
  • Accepting payments for language courses and field trips (international students)
  • Accepting applications for reimbursement
  • Helping students in finding the right contact person

Please note that the Express Service staff cannot provide academic advising, advising on exams, or advising in cases of hardship. Thank you for your understanding.  


Express Service

Express Service

Jessica Cariola, Kirsten Maurer, Ute Wieder
University of Mannheim
Express-Service L 1, 1 | Eingang A
68161 Mannheim
Opening hours:
Please note – still no opening hours in L1,1 (Update 22 May 2020)

Please be aware that the public and students are still not allowed to enter the university premises, or can only be granted access if a permit to enter the premises is presented.

That means that we still are not able to offer any face–to–face opening hours at L1,1 a.m. (neither Student Services nor Express–Service). Please contact us via email and we are happy to help you as quickly as possible.