Career prospects for graduates

Studying Law at the University of Mannheim is more than just working towards the state examination. On your way, our Integrated LL.B. and State Examination Program in Law provides you with the unique opportunity to graduate as a Bachelor of Laws and acquire your first professional qualification after just six semesters. Subsequently, you will be able to specialize in different fields of business and economic law by pursuing a Master of Laws (LL.M.), a master’s degree in Competition Law and Regulation (LL.M.), or a Master of Comparative Business Law (M.C.B.L.). Under certain requirements, you also have the option to sit the first state examination in two stages (Abschichtung).

Potential careers

With a degree in law, you can choose from various fields of work.

  • Career at a company

    With a bachelor’s degree in Business Law (LL.B.) from the University of Mannheim, with which you are also qualified in Business Administration and Economics, you already have a lot of professional options. At companies, graduates may work in legal departments where they conduct legal research, in human resources departments to create and manage personnel files, in controlling / auditing departments or in accounting, as well as in sales or distribution of goods and services.

  • Self-employment

    With a bachelor of laws (LL.B.), you can also become self-employed, especially in tax consulting, auditing, consulting (showing the increase in efficiency of a company), human resources consulting for employment services and insolvency administration, i.e. managing insolvency proceedings.

  • Lawyer

    After having passed the first state examination and after an additional four semesters of additional studies, the first step to becoming a lawyer (Volljurist*in) is completed. After the first state examination, students complete the Referendariat, before taking the second state examination. After having passed the second state examination, graduates can work as judges, prosecutors (representing the state in criminal proceedings) as well as lawyers (representing clients in court). Administrative departments in authorities and ministries, and many legal departments in organizations, require their legal staff to have passed both state examinations.

  • Academia

    If you complete a master’s degree, you can pursue an academic career. The master’s program is the perfect choice if you plan to continue your academic training with a doctoral program in order to pursue a career in science and research.