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STEP by STEP - Integration to the German Job Market

The University of Mannheim wants to support you in preparing and planning your career. As part of the pilot project STEP by STEP, we are offering workshops and information events for international degree-seeking students in order to prepare you for your entry into the (German) labor market:

  • STEP 1: Intercultural training

    At the beginning of your studies or after your first months in Mannheim, we support you in getting in tune with German (working) culture. In intercultural training workshops you can discuss cultural differences, train for possible conflict situations and prepare for different communication situations in everyday student or working life.

  • STEP 2: Vocational German language courses

    STEP by STEP further offers language courses for levels A1.2, A2.1, B1.1, B1.2, and B2.1. All courses focus on communication in the workplace and job-related topics in order to also get your language skills ready for the job market. The German language courses include visits at local companies; these are always a highlight. They give you a fist impression of working life and provide the opportunity to meet potential employers early on.

  • STEP 3: Information Session

    In cooperation with the Federal Employment Agency Mannheim, we give you an introduction to the most important dos and don’ts of typical application procedures in Germany. We will also provide information on how employment can affect your status of residence and help you to adapt your visa, if necessary.

  • STEP 4: Intensive application training

    During the two-day application training workshops, you will learn everything you need to know in order to successfully apply for a job. Even though the workshops are held in English, they focus on German formalities and characteristics in order to prepare you for your career here in Germany. In hands-on group sessions, you can also tweak your application documents and practice important situations such as job interviews or assessment centers.

  • STEP 5: International AlumniNight

    Once every semester, we invite international alumni who have gained a foothold in the German labor market to speak at the university. In short talks they tell their success stories and are available to answer any questions. You will thus have the opportunity to get useful tips first-hand from people who have once been in the same situation as you and to extend your professional network in a social setting.

  • STEP 6: Individual application coaching

    We offer regular consultations in cooperation with the CareerNetwork of the University of Mannheim, during which experts from the Federal Employment Agency (Agentur für Arbeit) are available to check your application documents. There are English consultations for international students, but you can of course also attend one of the consultations offered in German.
    You are also welcome to take advantage of the open consultation hours of the International Office (Mon 9-12 a.m. and Wed 2-5 p.m.) if you have any questions regarding your application documents, upcoming job interviews or issues such as residence permits, visa and the like. 

  • STEP 7: Tax Clinic

    Being an international student, do I have to submit a tax declaration? How do I create a tax declaration? When after starting my first job do I have to create this declaration? An experienced tax consultant will provide insight into the German income tax system. You will learn here how and when to create your first tax declaration and can subsequently receive specific answers to your individual questions.


    Please find here further information on tax issues:

For all events registration is required to participate. See our STEP by STEP Student Guide for more information about the events offered in the current semester:

  • STEP by STEP Certificate for your application documents

    During your studies you have participated in the STEPs 1, 3 and 5? If so, the International Office is offering to issue for your application documents the STEP by STEP Certificate confirming your participation. Thus, you can make your intercultural commitment visible to potential employers.

  • Good to know

    • You want to register for one or several STEPs? All international degree-seeking students of the University of Mannheim will receive an email to their university account as soon as the registration period for each STEP begins. Registration is required for each STEP by STEP event in order to participate.
    • You  would like to work more than 120 days a year? Internships and working student positions that relate to your program of study may be excluded from the 120-days-rule. The International Office can issue a confirmation for this purpose, if you present your internship contract or your contract for working students. The confirmation then needs to be submitted to the immigration office in Mannheim. Only then, your internship or working student job does not count towards the 120 days. Please note: This only applies if you have your main residence in Mannheim. Immigration offices in other cities may have different regulations.
    • You are planning to do an internship and want to apply for an academic leave of absence? If you hold a residence permit for the purpose of studying, the foreigners’ office of the city of Mannheim unfortunately does not allow you to take an academic leave of absence for an internship. You must be regularly enrolled during your internship and also pay the tuition fees. Please note: This only applies if you have your main residence in Mannheim. Immigration offices in other cities may have different regulations.
    • You hold a residence permit for the purpose of studying and are about to complete your studies? Then please be aware that your residence permit will become invalid two weeks after you have completed your program of study. Depending on your plans for the future, you will then have to apply for a different residence permit. We recommend that you contact us in good time so that we can support you.
    • As part of their Soft Skill Program the University of Mannheim's Career Service is offering Assessment Center Trainings (in German) and CV-Writing Courses (in English). Here you can find the Career Service's complete range of coaching offers for the current semester (mainly in German).
  • Further links on networking and job search

    At the University:

    Career Network - career service unit of the University of Mannheim

    CareerFair - career fair of the CareerNetwork

    Absolventum - alumni network of the University of Mannheim

    LinkedIn - international students and graduates of the University of Mannheim

    AStA Job Board - job board of the General Student's Committee (AStA)

    MINT-Marktplatz - career fair of the School of Business Informatics and Mathematics

    Mannheim Forum - multidisciplinary conference organized by students, with company speed datings

    Q-Summit - conference for entrepreneurship and innovation organized by students

    Outside the University:

    Agentur für Arbeit - nationwide job board

    Mannheim my Future - life and work in Mannheim

    Make it in Germany - welcome portal of the Federal Government for international professionals

    Welcome Center Rhein Neckar - regional welcome portal for international professionals

Stay in touch!

Stay in touch with the University of Mannheim after graduating and make new contacts as alumnus/a. Make use of the networking opportunities in the course of your career entry.

STEP by STEP has been funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

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Dr. Isabel Eisenmann

Dr. Isabel Eisenmann

Project Coordinator 'Step by Step - Integration to the German Job Market' / Coordination Office for Refugees' Inquiries
University of Mannheim
Division II - Student Affairs
International Office
L 1, 1 – Room 109
68161 Mannheim
Consultation hour(s):
Mon 9 a.m.–noon and Wed 2–5 p.m.