Practical Experience

You can gain practical experience during your studies by doing internships, working student jobs, or getting involved in one of various student organizations. This will help you find out which profession best matches your skills and interests. Many companies and organizations also place a high value on practical experience.

Jobs and internships

If you are looking for a job or an internship, job databases are a good starting point. You can also send unsolicited applications, which is often a good option if you are already considering a specific company or organization.

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Student organizations and departmental student committees

An asset of the University of Mannheim is its large variety of student organizations. Many of the student organizations work to provide students a head start in their careers or insight into different professions. In other student organizations and departmental student committees, you can already gain hands-on experience during your studies, for example, by organizing major events or assisting children and young adults.

to the student organizations focusing on professional careers (in German)

Field-specific jobs and internships