Photo credit: Anna Logue

During Your Studies

Photo credit: Anna Logue
Mannheim University Library

Four locations. 2.1 million items. Open daily.

The library provides the university’s students, researchers, and teachers with literature and other analog and digital media. Even citizens, authorities and businesses in the metropolitan region can use the library. It also contains over 2,000 individual and group work stations, runs courses and tutorials, and gives guidance on writing.

Portal2 – your campus management system

Portal2 is the University of Mannheim’s campus management system. Using the portal, you can, for example, view the course catalog, create a course schedule, and register for examinations.

Portal2 (use the drop-down menu in the bottom right-hand corner to change the language)



Examination dates, registering and changing your exam registration, reviewing your exams, certificates… You can find information on all topics relating to examinations here.

Organizing Your Studies

Student Services can advise you on matters relating to the organization of your studies, for example: changing you name and/or address, taking academic leaves of absence, enrolling, disenrolling, re-registering, and paying semester fees.